Support Beyond Your Staff and Board's Expertise

You’re trying to run the best organization you can, meet staff and board goals, and accomplish your mission. Often there isn’t the time or money to do everything you want to get done.

Whether it’s something that’s been on your agenda for a while or a new opportunity that has surfaced, our team will help plan for the future and set your organization up for success.

Strategy & Sustainability

Working with senior staff and board, we build a vision for the next step of your organization and an approach to get you there. This process will reevaluate your mission and vision, clarify goals, and develop a plan for the next 3-5 years of your organization’s work. We can work with you at any stage of strategic planning—whether you’re starting from scratch, ready for an update, or needing a recalibration.

The “what” is not helpful without the “how.” Strategic plans often only detail specific tactics and metrics for the first year. And that makes sense since there are certain things you just can’t fully predict. By revisiting your goals each year and creating an actionable work plan, you ensure that your day-to-day work is meeting milestones and moving your mission forward.

We’ll take a look at your current revenue mix, historic data, and future projections. From this analysis, our team will make recommendations with the goal of strategically growing revenue. We can also discuss new and different practices and what might work for you.

Whether you’re writing a grant, between strategic plans, or looking to grow your staff, connecting activities to goals and end results is an important part of systematically achieving your mission. Our team can review and update your mission and vision statements, develop a Theory of Change, and create concrete logic models.

Operations & Systems

Before you begin strategic planning or make a big decision or hire, an external review of your people, structures, and processes can give you a roadmap. We’ll provide comprehensive, objective, and data-driven look at all or select elements of your organization.

Conducting an annual audit is not enough. You need to understand how money moves through your organization. It includes clarifying the various roles of treasurer, ED, bookkeeper, and CFO, along with analyzing the financial system as a whole. Our team can evaluate your cash flow, budget process, and forecasting to identify gaps and develop tools to facilitate better financial management and planning.

Personnel is often the single largest expenditure for nonprofits, making up 60-80% of their budget. Taking good care of your staff and set them up to succeed is an investment in your entire organization. We can analyze and provide recommendations on your org chart, job descriptions, career ladder, succession plans, staff evaluation, and goal-setting practices. In addition, a deep-dive look at culture and team dynamics can provide insight into creating more effective—and happier—staff members.

What are the measures of success? What are the metrics that make sense to track? How will you report them? We will support the development of the right metrics for your organization and create a customized tool so you can easily track progress and present the information.

Leadership & Change

Not only can we help get your top-level employees in the door, we make sure they succeed in their new roles. First we conduct an informal assessment of strengths, concerns, priorities, and learning gaps. Then we serve as a valuable resource and advisor to your senior staff by developing a roadmap and conducting ongoing meetings to help them work through questions, build skills, and plan for the future.

What would happen if a key leader of your organization left tomorrow? Be prepared for all contingencies by having a plan in place for leadership transitions that protects operational continuity during what could be a challenging time. In addition, we can create communication plans for emergency transitions or crises, as well as professional development plans to identify and prepare the future leaders of your organization.

Nonprofits are an unusual construct where a group of volunteers has significant influence over your strategy and operations. Do you have the right board members to achieve your mission? Do they have the right tools and training to do their job well? We help you understand your board’s skills and dynamics in relation to the needs of your organization. We can also update your board handbook, committee structure, and engagement programs.


In addition to consulting services, we can also speak at board meetings, events, and panels on a variety of nonprofit management topics.